Spanish american war memorial

Spanish-American War Monument and Union Soldier Monument

A little further north from the Rose Garden stands a Pioneer Log Cabin in the vicinity of the City Pool. There are two cement cannon mounts in front of the Pioneer Log Cabin in the City Park: the Union Soldier Monument and the Spanish-American War Monument.Both cannons were removed for a World War II scrap metal drive.

The north mount has a bronze plate that reads, "Dedicated to the memory of the Spanish American War Veterans 1898-1902 by the Wilbur Samuels Auxiliary No. 13 Dept. of Kansas N.A.U.S.W.V. Oct 27 - 1937.”

The south mount has a corresponding dedication that reads, "Dedicated to the Union Soldier 1861-1865 by the ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic Manhattan Circle No. 45 Jan 2, 1937.” 


The dates on the Spanish-American War Monument extend a couple of years past the end date of the war, which indicates that at the time of placement, the Philippine Insurrection was considered part of the Spanish-American War. The Spanish-American War took place in April through August 1898. The Philippine Insurrection lasted officially until 1902 (fighting continued until 1905). Brigadier General Frederick Funston captured the Philippine leader Emilio Aguinaldo in 1901, and the war was declared officially over the next year. 


Head back towards City Hall and head west on Poyntz Avenue towards Sunset Hill, Sunset Zoo and the Manhattan High School West Campus.  Turn right onto Sunset Avenue and left on Leavenworth into Sunset Cemetery.


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