Drawn from the source tour

Drawn: from the Source

Pulling from real-world references like the landscape, still lifes, nature, and the human figure, Drawn: from the Source features the work of seven Colorado artists who use drawing mediums and techniques to capture and interpret the interconnected beauty of the objects, environments, and relationships around us.

Drawn: from the Source
  1. Andrew Beckham - "Harbinger," "After Everywhere," "Remnant," and "Premonition"
  2. Robin Cole - "Home, "Emergence," and "When They Bloom"
  3. Irene Delka McCray - "Mother, Through the Window," "Mother's Insights," "Her Hands," and "In Her Long Ago"
  4. Anna Kaye - "Flux and Fuse"
  5. Anna Kaye - "Hot and Cold"
  6. Ajean L. Ryan - "Molten Amaranths," "Atop," "Lonely Betters," "Finned and Fleshed," and "Last Storm"
  7. Kaitlyn Tucek - "In The Living Room (Alexander, Grace, Jason and their cats)" and "The Poetics of Space (Robert and the family portrait)"