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Lory Student Center: SLiCE Office

The Lory Student Center is the hub of involvement outside of class. There are so many resources located here, including our SLiCE Office, our Diversity Offices, Career Center, and Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.  

With a variety of leadership and community engagement programs, the Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement (SLiCE) office at CSU provides an important link between students and their surrounding communities.

SLiCE brings together student organizations, student leaders and student volunteers under one umbrella; making the campus a better community and a more involved place. Being involved in SLiCE programs allows students to enrich their academic and social experience at CSU. The office also assists recognized student organizations in obtaining official university recognition, program planning, public relations, financial/budgetary matters, and leadership development for organizational officers, members, and advisors. More than 450 campus organizations reflect interests such as academic, political, religious, sport clubs, programming/service, governance, social, Greek, and special interests. 

Colorado State University Audio Tour
  1. Ammons Hall
  2. The Oval
  3. Laurel Hall
  4. The Institute for Learning and Teaching (TiLT)
  5. Lory Student Center: SLiCE Office
  6. Lory Student Center: Student Diversity Programs and Services
  7. Lory Student Center: Career Center
  8. Lory Student Center: Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life
  9. Morgan Library (pt. 1)
  10. Morgan Library (pt. 2)
  11. Academic Spine
  12. Canvas Stadium
  13. Recreation Center
  14. Parmalee Hall
  15. The Foundry Dining Hall
  16. Conclusion on Ammons Lawn