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Colorado State University Audio Tour

Welcome to Colorado State University, we hope you enjoy our beautiful campus! Our wonderful Admissions Ambassadors have recorded information and stories about some of our favorite spots on campus to give you more insight into what student life is like. While you take our tour please remember to wear your mask, follow campus health and safety rules, and be aware that many of the buildings and spaces around campus are only open to students/faculty/staff at this time. 

711 Oval Dr, Fort Collins, CO, 80521
Colorado State University Audio Tour
  1. Ammons Hall
  2. The Oval
  3. Laurel Hall
  4. The Institute for Learning and Teaching (TiLT)
  5. Lory Student Center: SLiCE Office
  6. Lory Student Center: Student Diversity Programs and Services
  7. Lory Student Center: Career Center
  8. Lory Student Center: Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life
  9. Morgan Library (pt. 1)
  10. Morgan Library (pt. 2)
  11. Academic Spine
  12. Canvas Stadium
  13. Recreation Center
  14. Parmalee Hall
  15. The Foundry Dining Hall
  16. Conclusion on Ammons Lawn