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A Peoples' History of the Hill

Hello, and welcome to our virtual walking tour of New Haven! This tour was created by students in the African American and Latinx History class at Metropolitan, a local New Haven high school. The map they created can be found online here. The map includes sites from across the city, spanning hundreds of years, from before European colonization of this land, to the present. This map and virtual walking tour are an opportunity to share the dynamic history of New Haven. They are also an invitation to reflect on the depth and power of African-American, Indigenous, and Latinx history, not only in New Haven, but across the country, a history that is all too often left out of textbooks and curricula. There is so much more we can and will add to this ever growing map, and we hope to create additional tours. We welcome your suggestions and accompanying primary and secondary sources. Please feel free to reach out by emailing: newhavenwalkingtours@gmail.com

The guided tour you are listening to now is focused on the Hill neighborhood. If you are up for a longer walk -- or if you are taking this tour on a bicycle or vehicle -- you can begin at Long Wharf, near the Long Wharf Nature Preserve. This will add an additional 20 minutes of walking to your tour. Alternatively, you can begin at Trowbridge Square Park in the Hill, and listen to the first two Long Wharf entries from there. The tour will continue from there and conclude at the New Haven Green, with several sites around the Green that uplift powerful Black, Latinx, and Indigenous histories of resistance. 

In total, the tour involves between 25 and 30 minutes of walking, if you begin at Trowbridge Square Park, or about 45 to 50 minutes of walking, if you choose to begin at Long Wharf. This, of course, is in addition to your walk back to the beginning, and to taking time to pause at each site to listen to the audio descriptions. The voices you will hear on this tour belong to Metropolitan students: Angel Rovira, Dameon Dillard, Darlaney Chanthinith, E’moni Cotten, Flor Jimenez, and Kaleeah Ramos. Enjoy your tour of the Hill!

Research for the map and walking tours was advised by Dr. Bench Ansfield

Audio support for the walking tours by Donnell Durden and Tiffany Stewart

A Peoples' History of the Hill
  1. The Hill Intro
  2. Long Wharf
  3. Directions to Jackson Newspaper Protest Site
  4. Jackson Newspaper Protest
  5. Directions to Trowbridge Square Park
  6. Trowbridge Square Park
  7. Directions to Evergreen Cemetery
  8. Evergreen Cemetery
  9. Directions to Lee High School
  10. Lee High School
  11. Directions to Oak Street Connector
  12. Oak Street Connector
  13. Directions to Temple Street Congregational Church
  14. Temple Street Congregational Church
  15. Directions to the Green (Columbus Day Protests)
  16. Columbus Day Protests
  17. UPDATE: Columbus Protest Victories
  18. Directions to the Green (Occupy Movement)
  19. Occupy Wall Street Movement
  20. Directions to the Green (CT Students for a Dream)
  21. C4D Dream Summit on the Green
  22. Directions to Amistad Memorial
  23. Amistad Memorial
  24. Directions to City Hall
  25. City Hall - Elm City Resident Card
  26. Directions to New Guinea
  27. New Guinea
  28. Directions to Superior Courthouse
  29. Superior Courthouse - Black Panther Trials
  30. Stay at the Courthouse
  31. Superior Courthouse - Support for Corey Menafee
  32. Directions Back to Trowbridge Square Park or Long Wharf
  33. End of the Hill Tour