New Feature! New Voices for Text to Speech Generation

Stephen Canis
May 11, 2018

Until today our text to speech generator only allowed the use of a female voice. Today we have added the option to choose a male voice. We hope this will add to the creative possibilities for tours on the platform. In the future we may add more voices from the Amazon Polly platform if tour operators show an interest.

How it Works

Changing the text to speech voice is easy:

  1. When you create a stop or are editing a stop choose the voice you'd prefer for that stop.

  2. Click save the the audio will update to reflect the new voice!

If you only want to change the narrator for certain stops that's not a problem. For each individual stop you can choose which voice should be used to generate the audio.

We're looking forward to seeing the new and creative ways tour operators will use custom voices to increase engagement and push their tours to the next level!

Additional Help

If you have any questions that aren't covered in the FAQ please reach out and email!

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