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The Simi Adobe

The Simi Adobe is the oldest structure still standing in Simi Valley.  Unfortunately, we do not know what the adobe looked like when it was first built, but we do know that it was larger than the structure that now exists.

When the Strathearn family bought this land in the late 1880s, the old adobe was already falling into disrepair.  Rather than destroying what remained of the adobe, they salvaged it, built their wood frame house onto it, and repurposed it as their kitchen and dining area.

The next stops on the tour will be the Colony Houses, which are the blue and yellow houses across from the Simi Adobe.

Tour of Strathearn Historical Park
  1. Welcome to Strathearn Park!
  2. Strathearn Park's Visitors Center
  3. The Montgomery Playhouse
  4. The Santa Susana Corner
  5. The Original Saint Rose of Lima Church Building
  6. The Strathearn House
  7. The Strathearn Family
  8. California State Historical Landmark #979
  9. The Simi Adobe
  10. The Colony Houses
  11. The Haigh-Talley Colony House
  12. The Printz-Powell Colony House
  13. The Hirschi Monument
  14. The Simi Library
  15. The Pioneer Memory Garden
  16. The Gazebo
  17. History of the Wood Ranch Area
  18. The Wood Ranch Barns
  19. The Currier Apricot Pitting Shed
  20. The Barbershop Building
  21. The Simi Store