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Larch Island: A Story Walk

This walking tour, first printed in 1923, was found amongst the papers, maps, and drawings of the archive of the Larch Island Walkers Society (LIWS). The archive was recently donated to the Curbside Museum by the family of its founding member, A.S. Listecki.

As the custodian of this unusual archive collection, the Curbside Museum’s first objective has been to digitize this tour, and share the hidden world of Larch Island with friends and visitors in Canmore. Enjoy, and safe travels!

- Curator, Curbside Museum


 © 1923, by the Larch Island Walkers Society

Reprinted* © 2021, by the Curbside Museum


* Small revisions have been made to the original 1923 version, to account for changes in the landscape.

Larch Island Walking, Canmore, Alberta, Canada
Larch Island: A Story Walk
  1. A Note About the Animals
  2. Crossing the Bridge
  3. The Tree of Safe Travels
  4. Stop One
  5. Stop Two
  6. Stop Three
  7. Stop Four
  8. Stop Five
  9. Stop Six
  10. Stop Seven