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Hearthstone's Historic Tours of Appleton: Victorian and Edwardian Homes of Prospect Avenue 1849-1919

Victorian and Edwardian Homes of Prospect Avenue 1849 to 1919.

Famed as “one of the finest streets in the city” in 1872, historic Prospect Avenue was once lined with the beautiful homes of Appleton's civic leaders.  They were industrialists, merchants, judges, and politicians.  From their showcase homes overlooking the Fox River, which offered “no finer view of the Grand Chute falls and rapids,” these leaders guided the city's development and dictated the fashions of the day.  The bluff also provided a commanding view of the mills and other factories lining the river – the businesses that permitted these beautiful homes to be built.

These homes, many of which are on the National Register or in the West Prospect Avenue Historic District, beautifully represent the major national architectural styles of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries:  Queen Anne Style, Italianate, Greek Revival, Prairie School, and the like.

This tour still echoes with the sound of water rushing over the dam below.  It highlights not only the stately homes that still exist along this tree-lined street but also the beautiful homes that have been lost over time.  

Enjoy the beauty that remains and envision that beauty that has been lost from when this avenue was “one of the finest streets in the city.”

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Total walking distance: .96 miles or 1.54 km.  Please use the sidewalk on the river side of the street for the entire tour.

Total narration time:  28 minutes.  It is strongly suggested that headphones or ear buds be used for the tour to mitigate road noise.

Hearthstone thanks the Old Third Ward Neighborhood Association for use of its original walking tour as a basis for this tour.  The museum also thanks MBP Photography for the color photographs used herein.

Please note:  This tour is for individual non-commerical use.  Use of this tour by other entities (including for monetary or non-monetary gain) is strictly prohibited.  Any proceeds from this tour benefit Hearthstone Historic House Museum, a privately funded 501 (c) 3 charity.

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625 W. Prospect Avenue, Appleton, WI, USA
Hearthstone's Historic Tours of Appleton: Victorian and Edwardian Homes of Prospect Avenue 1849-1919
  1. "Hearthstone" The Home of Henry and Cremora Rogers
  2. Charles and Mina Pfennig Home
  3. Nathan and Virginia Morgan Home
  4. Theodore and Cynthia Conkey Residence
  5. Cynthia Conkey Home
  6. Paul Hackbert Home
  7. George Hogriever Home
  8. Jacob and Elizabeth Wolf Home
  9. William and Francis Sheer Home
  10. Ephraim and Louise Goff Home
  11. Raymond and Jean Bertschy Home
  12. John and Martha Whorton Home
  13. William Grant Whorton / John Van Nortwick Home
  14. Edward and Amanda West Home
  15. Henry and Emily Holbrook Home
  16. Thomas and Ophelia Brown Home
  17. Thomas Pearson Home
  18. 1880 Home
  19. Anthony Hoeffel and James and Mary Ritchey Home
  20. Joseph and Henrietta Plank Home
  21. George and Mary Potts Home
  22. Frank and Mary Slattery Home
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