Shermans landing

CHEC Out The Three Lakes Trail

The trails on the south side of the park (Three Lakes, Flatwoods and Chet Lewis) are interconnected, winding through a patchwork of different ecosystems.  These ecosystems are defined by subtle changes in elevation--we're talking inches here--which determines whether water pools or runs off into the creeks leading to Charlotte Harbor.  The plant communities you observe as you walk these trails are adapted to this water availability which can range from year-round submersion, seasonal wet/dry periods to mostly dry.  

Along the Three Lakes Trail, we will note the gentle change in elevation will lead us from the higher flatwoods down to the Mangrove Swamp where brackish water intrusion from Charlotte Harbor further impacts the plant community there. 

I'm Gayle and I will be your guide on this trail.  It can be wet and muddy sometimes so be prepared.  Let's go!

10941 Burnt Store Rd., Punta Gorda, Florida, United States
CHEC Out The Three Lakes Trail
  1. It's All About Elevation
  2. Two Gymnosperms
  3. Two Myrtles
  4. Flatwoods, The High Ground
  5. Suddenly Shade
  6. Spanish Bayonets
  7. Getting Wetter
  8. Buttonwood
  9. Inkberry
  10. Bee Tree
  11. Upper Mangrove Swamp
  12. Six Angled whateverwort
  13. Big oak and epiphytes
  14. Coral Bean
  15. Shermans Landing
  16. Marsh Elder
  17. The Invaders
  18. drainage creeks
  19. back to dry land?