Old garden

CHEC Out The Butterfly Garden

Right across the driveway from the Information Kiosk is a small fenced in area that serves as our Butterfly Garden.  The plants chosen for a Butterfly Garden attract butterflies in two ways, either by providing food (nectar) for the butterflies or providing the proper plants as host plants to feed their picky caterpillars.  

Our Butterfly Garden right now is small but we have plans to expand it and build a Butterfly House where several native species will be kept for our visitor's education and enjoyment. 

My name is Gayle and I invite you to come with me and take a look at our little garden and meet some of the butterflies and the plants that bring them there.  

10941 Burnt Store Road, Punta Gorda, Florida, USA
CHEC Out The Butterfly Garden
  1. Passionflowers And Zebra Longwing
  2. From The Brink Of Extinction
  3. Native Nectar Flowers
  4. Exotic Nectar Flowers
  5. Polydamas And Pipevines
  6. Florida Oranges Are For Butterflies Too
  7. More Passionflower Butterflies
  8. Marvelous Milkweeds
  9. Monarchs and Queens
  10. CHEC For the New Butterfly House