The Maury Island Incident UFO Audio Tour - Des Moines, Washington

Before The X-Files. Before Project Blue Book. Before The Twilight Zone. And definitely before Roswell.  

In 1947, UFOs appeared over Puget Sound, followed by the original Men in Black. Inspired by the true story of flying saucers, a top-secret government investigation, a deadly plane crash, a dog killed by a damaged UFO, and the first-ever reported man in black issuing warnings and threats.

History, mystery, ufology, conspiracy, truth and tragedy twist together in the Maury Island Incident. Experience the story!

Part I of the tour is a 0.6 mile walk, starting on a high bluff, then heading west to the Des Moines Marina. Return (round trip 1.2 miles) to your transportation for Part II, which consists of a short drive through Des Moines to see four incredible - and perhaps inexplicable - sculptures that just might not be from "around here."

Your starting point - the Maury Island Incident Mural, located at the intersection of 6th Avenue South and South 223rd Street in Des Moines.

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605 South 223rd Street, Des Moines, WA, United States
The Maury Island Incident UFO Audio Tour - Des Moines, Washington
  1. The Maury Island Incident Mural - The Picture Worth a Thousand Words
  2. Overlook Park I - Setting the Stage for Harold Dahl's UFO Sighting
  3. A Closer Look - the Des Moines Pier
  4. Another Sighting - Much Closer Than You Think
  5. The Compass Rose - Or Hidden Message?
  6. The Making of The Movie - The Maury Island Incident
  7. Slag?
  8. The Quarterdeck - Tall Stories and Taller Beverages
  9. Harpoon - or Homage?
  10. Marinascope
  11. Octavia - or Alien?
  12. Atomic Mobius
  13. Objects on Fire - Tree of Life
  14. Big Catch - A New Theory?
  15. Coming Soon - On To Maury Island