Warwick Bridge Corn Mill

Warwick Bridge Corn Mill is a working flour mill and bakery in Cumbria, restored between 2017 and 2019.

This audio tour takes you through key areas of the mill and can be used as a online virtual tour or to supportĀ self-guided tours at the mill. The audio tour is complemented by information leaflets.

Little Corby Road, Warwick Bridge, Cumbria, England
Warwick Bridge Corn Mill
  1. The Mill Site
  2. The Water Wheel & Tail Race
  3. The Hurst Floor and Pit Gears
  4. The Drying Kiln and Life at the Mill
  5. The Stone Floor and Mill Stones
  6. The Granary Floor
  7. The Loading Dock and Head Race
  8. Hydroelectric Power
  9. The Bakery