As a youth, Paul loved drawing and he loved sports, especially baseball. He always thought he would become a professional baseball player and painter. It is for this reason that Paul loved working early in his illustrative career on sports assignments.


The drawings in the sports section are of special note to our major collector, Tim Peterson.

Tim grew up playing a great deal of baseball with his brother Mike and his best friend Mick. One of Mike’s favorite players was Frank Robinson of the Baltimore Orioles and therefore when Tim bought the drawing called Frank Robinson that was done for Boys’ Life magazine, he gave it to his brother for all the great memories of their youth. As for the drawing Shortstop, which was also done for Boys’ Life, it has a story as well. While playing high school baseball in Rochester, Minnesota, the school’s team name was the John Marshall “Rockets.” Mick played shortstop and second base and Tim played first base. It was only fitting that when this drawing came up for sale in an auction that Tim would buy it and give it to Mick to continue their friendship and love of baseball.


How ironic that Paul would do two baseball drawings and years later the friendship of Paul, Tim, Mike, and Mick would all be linked in their love of baseball and Paul's drawings.

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