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The Keeper of Time

Jewellery artist Wallace Chan has returned to TEFAF Maastricht for the fifth consecutive year with a presentation centred around the theme of time. Entitled ‘The Keeper of Time’, the exhibition features around 25 jewellery creations handpicked by the artist to convey his thoughts and feelings about time.

“I once saw a picture of an astronaut on the moon wearing a spacesuit. There was no way of telling how he looked, but from the reflection on the helmet, I saw what he saw. This inspired me to create spherical showcases that not only display the work, but also symbolise the moment of discovery,” said Wallace Chan.

“Gemstones, the materials at the heart of my creations, eternalise the ephemeral life that all works innately assume. I like to imagine that, when the passage of time turns a new page, and the present has become the past, people – or any other forms of intelligent life – will be able to discover the time I have lived through these immortal creations.”

Wallace Chan’s presentation at TEFAF Maastricht follows an international series of exhibitions that introduced the Wallace Chan Porcelain – a groundbreaking new material that is five times harder than steel – to art connoisseurs in New York (Crosby Street Hotel, November 2018), Hong Kong (Christie’s Gallery, January 2019) and London (Asia House, September 2019).

MECC Maastricht, Forum 100, Maastricht, Maastricht, The Netherlands
The Keeper of Time
  1. Mind Puzzle
  2. Garden of Dreams
  3. The Snowflake
  4. Wallace’s Flying Frog
  5. Windows to the Universe
  6. The Emblem of Zen