USC Upstate Outdoor Sculpture

This audio tour of  outdoor sculptures at USC Upstate was created by students in Dr. Lex Lancaster's 20th Century Art class, Fall 2019. Students used their knowledge of art history to write and record audio guides for ten sculptures on campus. Visitors can scan the QR codes on the labels attached to these sculptures to hear or read the student's interpretation.

800 University Way, Spartanburg , SC, USA
USC Upstate Outdoor Sculpture
  1. Dan Millspaugh, "Red Sails" - by Brooke Graydon
  2. Daingerfield Ashton, “Untitled arch” – by Matthew Watson
  3. Jim Gallucci, “Gothic Gate” – by Shane Gilmore
  4. Jim Gallucci, "Oracles’ Gate 2" - by Mekayla Bagwell
  5. Winston Wingo, “Gun Amnesty Memorial” – by Scott Turner
  6. Scott Strader, “Tear of Illian” - by Kelsey Imm
  7. Scott Strader, "Annulus" - by Phillip Riser
  8. Hanna Jubran, “Big Red One” – by Tavis Shaw
  9. Adam Walls, “Solution” – by Katie Owens
  10. Adam Walls, “Solution” – by Kristen Lester