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Discover the Nes!

Despite its humble dimensions, the Nes is quite a well-known address in Amsterdam – but most people only ever come here in the evening, when the many theaters and restaurants open their doors. But that's exactly why there's a lot to discover in daylight. On this audiotour, you'll hear a lot about convents, theatres and tobacco, but also about the neverending transformation of one of the oldest streets in Amsterdam. So let's go and discover the Nes!

The tour takes ca. 2 hours.
This audio tour is offered to you by BIZ Nes.

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Authors: Anneke Bokern and Paul Vlok, architour
Speaker: Anneke Bokern

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Nes 89, Amsterdam, , Netherlands
Discover the Nes!
  1. Introduction
  2. Grimburgwal 1
  4. Harkema Bierfabriek
  5. Frascati
  6. Stadsbank van Lening
  7. De Brakke Grond
  8. De Grote Vleeshal
  9. Nes 39
  10. Rho hotel