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Custom Branding

Hide our logo and include your own!

Upload a logo to reflect your brand and replace ours! Custom branded tours hide our site navigation bar and replace it with your logo.

See an Example

Take a look at a tour with our standard branding and one with custom branding:

You'll notice that the standard tour has the YourAudioTour logo and navigation bar at the top the page. The custom branded tour has the museum's logo at the top of the page with the navigation bar hidden.

How it Works

1. Upload the Logos in your organization settings:

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2. Choose custom branding on your tour's edit page:

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Now your tour will reflect your own brand! You'll need to be logged out to see what you're tour looks like to visitors. We keep the navigation bar visable when you're logged in so it's easy for you to get around the site.

You might also want to look to see how your logo looks on smaller screens. Consider opening your tour on your phone and on your computer to see how the different logos loook on different screen sizes.

Custom URL

Are you interested in having a custom URL for your tour? We have working on adding this feature in the future. If this is important to you please reach out and let me know at

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