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Word Play

Word Play showcases a selection of works that use text, language, and symbols to make a statement, express emotion, and celebrate the written word. From paintings to video games, neon to sculptures, and prints to silverpoint drawings, the versatility of language is on full display through the work of these regional artists.

This relationship between the written word and visual art is an ancient one. Civilizations across the globe consistently combined image and text, inscribing runes and hieroglyphics alongside vibrant pictures on cathedrals, walls, and manuscripts. The resulting dance between word and symbol creates a powerful commingling of the visual and the written. 

Over time, the societal significance of art evolved--and the integration of words within visual work changed alongside it. Contemporary artists in Word Play use language to explore the boldness and nuance of text and meaning in our modern world.

6901 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO, United States
Word Play
  1. Lares Feliciano - "Pa'lante"
  2. Lares Feliciano - "Querer Ser Libre es Empezar a Serlo"
  3. Jeff Page - "39 Facepalms"
  4. Trey Duvall - "Repeat That Again"
  5. Joe Norman - "Faith/Doubt"
  6. Masha Sha - "Homo Homini Lupus"
  7. Tom Mazzullo - "Type Improvisations" series
  8. Paula Gasparini-Santos - "As palavras são poderosas," "As palavras dão direção," and "Palavras criam sentido para a vida"
  9. Jade Hoyer - "20 Ways of Saying No"
  10. Cherish Marquez - "Slot of the Odds"