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How You Can Help the Animals

We are a small facility with a big responsibility. We house, feed and care for over 30 carnivores, and we provide a quality life for the animals in our care.  We receive no local, state or federal funding, —we survive thanks to the donations of time and money from community members and supporters— so guest experience and positive donor interactions are vital to our continued success.  The services provided by Cat Tales Wildlife Center are unique to this region, filling an educational need for humans training for careers and for guests just wanting to learn more about these animals. 

We’d love to have you as part of our supporter community and work toward our vision of a better world for all. Explore the various ways to get involved, from volunteering and donating to hosting events or workshops.

Welcome to Cat Tales Wildlife Center!
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  3. Black Bears
  4. Bobcats
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  6. Coyotes
  7. Red Fox
  8. Arctic Fox
  9. Northern Gray Fox
  10. Pumas - aka Cougar. Mountain Lion
  11. Raccoons
  12. Servals
  13. Bengal Tigers
  14. Siberian Tigers
  15. White Tigers
  16. Wolfdog Hybrids