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1: Porter's Lodge

Fountains Abbey, once one of the great monasteries in Europe. Before we move off, let me tell you a little of how it began.

In 1132, 13 monks trekked here from St Mary’s Abbey in York, seeking to create a foundation that was closer to their original vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. 

In the early years of the abbey, these monks, who had by then joined the Cistercian order, lived a simple life devoted to prayer and meditation, farming their land to meet their modest needs. Yet the success of the monks’ sheep farming was so great that, within a hundred and twenty years, Fountains had become the richest Cistercian House in England.

We begin our tour here at the Porter’s Lodge, an early thirteenth century entrance to the abbey buildings.

National Trust: Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden
  1. Introduction
  2. 1: Porter's Lodge
  3. 2: The nave
  4. 3: The crossing
  5. 4: The choir/East End
  6. 5: Chapel of the Nine Altars
  7. 6: The Green Man
  8. 7: The infirmary
  9. 8: Abbot's house
  10. 9: The prison
  11. 10: Choir monks' dormitory
  12. 11: The chapter house
  13. 12: Cloister direction
  14. 13: The cloister
  15. 14: The warming room
  16. 15: The muniments room
  17. 16: The lavatorium
  18. 17: The refectory
  19. 18: The cellarium
  20. 19: Direction to Infirmary Bridge
  21. 20: Infirmary Bridge
  22. 21: The reredorter
  23. 22: Mill Bridge
  24. Farewell and thank you for visiting