Welcome to Fountains Abbey, please download this audio tour onto your device as network coverage is very poor around the site. You can use the free wifi available at the visitor centre and Swanley Grange if you need to. Please ask a member of staff if you get stuck. 

Once you have downloaded the tour, head to the Porter's Lodge which is point D on the welcome map and where the audio tour begins. 

Pause this track here while you make your way down the hill to Porter's Lodge and then continue listening for further information once you get there. 

Before we begin, please wear headphones so as not to disturb other visitors. There are numbered markers around the site to help you on the tour. Look for the audio tour marker on the wall at Porter's Lodge, once you are there you can select Track 1 from your tour and begin. We hope you enjoy your visit.

National Trust: Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden
  1. Introduction
  2. 1: Porter's Lodge
  3. 2: The nave
  4. 3: The crossing
  5. 4: The choir/East End
  6. 5: Chapel of the Nine Altars
  7. 6: The Green Man
  8. 7: The infirmary
  9. 8: Abbot's house
  10. 9: The prison
  11. 10: Choir monks' dormitory
  12. 11: The chapter house
  13. 12: Cloister direction
  14. 13: The cloister
  15. 14: The warming room
  16. 15: The muniments room
  17. 16: The lavatorium
  18. 17: The refectory
  19. 18: The cellarium
  20. 19: Direction to Infirmary Bridge
  21. 20: Infirmary Bridge
  22. 21: The reredorter
  23. 22: Mill Bridge
  24. Farewell and thank you for visiting