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Introduction and Hello! (UPDATED JUNE 2023)

Hello and welcome to the Green Box Arts Audio Tour! My name is Jessica Kahkoska and I was delighted to be a 2022 Artist-in-Residence at Green Box Arts. 

My artistic work mainly deals with stories of the West, as I am deeply inspired by Colorado as my home state. I am inspired by using research-driven processes that celebrate community collaboration and new ways of thinking about true stories and how we tell them.

While I'd initially conceived this tour as a more traditional, by-the-books tour, my time in Green Mountain Falls has shown me that there are so many things to see and learn here -- about public art, buildings and houses, community experiences -- and a lot of different ways to discover Green Box and this special campus.

As a result, this tour is less of an instructional "follow me" and more of a patchwork quilt of living stories, told by the people who know them best. You will hear from curators, pastors, children, and of course, me. 

My favorite thing about this project is that it is living and breathing. Do you have a story? Want to get involved? Reach out to me at jkahkoska@gmail.com.

Thank you and enjoy your time at Green Box Arts!


Jessica Kahkoska is a writer, dramaturg/researcher, and producer for theatre and TV. She is proud to have grown up in Colorado, and has worked with the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Lake Dillon Theatre Company, Theatre Aspen, and more. She currently calls New York home, where she is developing projects for theatre and TV. www.jessicakahkoska.com

Green Box Audio Tour
  1. Introduction and Hello! (UPDATED JUNE 2023)
  2. ARTS: Discover Green Box Arts and Meet Scott Levy
  3. ARTS: Green Box Co-Founders - "Green Box is for everybody!"
  4. ACCORDING TO THE KIDS: "What Do You Like About Green Mountain Falls?"
  5. HISTORY: Vintage Advertisements from Green Mountain Falls
  6. HISTORY: Eyewitness Account: Green Mountain Falls in the 1940s
  7. ARTS: Green Box Venue - The Farm Stand
  8. ARTS: "Open Skies" Installation by Brenda Biondo
  9. ARTS: Green Box Co-Founders: "You Can't Get that in New York!"
  10. HISTORY: Midland Depot
  11. ACCORDING TO THE KIDS: A local warning
  12. HISTORY: The Outlook Lodge
  13. SPIRITUALITY / HISTORY: Church in the Wildwood (with Pastor Darlene)
  14. ARTS: View of James Turrell Skyspace
  15. MUSIC: Adam Crystal's Green Box Theme
  16. ARTS: Green Box Co-Founder and President Christian Keesee on Green Box Arts
  17. SPIRITUALITY: Guided Meditation with Pastor Darlene
  18. ARTS: Nikki Pike's OVUM
  19. MUSIC: Green Box Artist-in-Residence Matthew Jamal's "Prayers and Palm Oil"
  20. ARTS: The "Shed" Artist Housing and Lakeview Terrace
  21. ARTS: EARTH.SPEAKS ámanikyatumɵ’ɵvi or “Resting Hand” 2023 -- by brooke smiley
  22. SPIRITUALITY: Aspen Grove and Tribute Walk
  23. ARTS: The Managers by Molly Rideout
  24. HISTORY: Sunshine Cottage - 7110 Maple Street
  25. HISTORY: The Armentrout House -- 10725 Ute Pass Avenue
  26. HISTORY: The Chapin House - 7210 Grand View
  27. HISTORY: Green Mountain Falls Hotel Site (Corner of Ute Pass and Hotel Streets)
  28. HISTORY: Aspen Lodge (11190 Belvidere)
  29. HISTORY: Hummingbird (11475 Belvedere)
  30. HISTORY: Harmony Hut and Westward Ho (11490 and 11496 Belvidere)
  31. ARTS: Schulhof's Curve - Public Art
  32. ARTS: Faime Walking - Public Art
  33. ARTS: Green Box Co-Founder Larry Keigwin on watching performance outdoors
  34. ARTS: Keith Haring Fitness Court
  35. ARTS: Heartmouth - Public Art
  36. ARTS: Skye by Brian Wall
  37. ARTS: Four Orbits - Public Art
  38. ARTS: Communication X9 - Public Art
  39. HISTORY: Sallie Bush Community Building (And An Exciting Update!)