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Gently Haunted Walking Tours

Created by Corrine Kenner, author of Gently Haunted: The Ghosts, Spirits, and Historic Haunts of DeLand, Florida.

Let me introduce you to some of my favorite "neighborhood haunts" — the ghosts and spirits of downtown DeLand, Florida.


— You'll visit 13 gently haunted locations, as well as several historic points of interest.

— You’ll hear true stories of the settlers who founded DeLand, including those who decided to stay here permanently.

— Along the way, we'll share dozens of vintage photos (75 in all), so you can picture life in DeLand as it used to be.


— This is an audio-visual tour that you'll access on your phone. It will work on any Android or Apple phone or device with Internet access.

— You may share your access code with one companion, so you can both see the images and photos on your own phones. Additional participants should purchase their own access codes for the tour.

— The tour includes photos, descriptions, detailed maps, and step-by-step walking directions. You can either read the text or listen to narration.

— The tour covers a walking distance of 11 blocks, just under a mile, on paved sidewalks and across level terrain. It’s wheelchair and stroller-friendly, too.

— The tour is family-friendly and appropriate for all ages. Well-behaved pets are also welcome in downtown DeLand.

— The tour is self-paced, and it generally takes an hour or two to complete. After your purchase, you'll have two full days to access it.

— The tour will take you full circle through downtown DeLand. It begins and ends near the landmark Athens Theatre at 124 North Florida Avenue. Parking in the area is free and plentiful.


Our walking tour is a sidewalk tour. While businesses along the route may be open to the public, this tour does not include admission to other venues, tours of the interiors, or access to private property. This tour is strictly a walking tour.


Gently Haunted Tours are based on Gently Haunted: The Ghosts, Spirits, and Historic Haunts of DeLand, Florida.


If you have questions about this tour, text Corrine at at (386) 414-3794.


The Gently Haunted Driving Tour

Now you can see even more “neighborhood haunts” that are almost — but not quite — within walking distance. The Gently Haunted Driving Tour will guide you to another 13 gently haunted destinations within two miles of downtown DeLand. Click here to purchase the driving tour.


These Gently Haunted Tours would not be possible without the generous research assistance and historical images we’ve received from the West Volusia Historical Society, the Stetson University Library, the Volusia County Library, and the State Library and Archives of Florida. Many thanks to all the historians and librarians who helped!

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124 N Florida Ave, DeLand, FL, USA
Gently Haunted Walking Tours
  1. The Theater Ghosts, Part 1
  2. The Theater Ghosts, Part 2
  3. The Theater Ghosts, Part 3
  4. The Theater Ghosts, Part 4
  5. Point of Interest: County Administration Building
  6. The Courthouse Ghosts, Part 1
  7. The Courthouse Ghosts, Part 2
  8. The Ghost of Bert Fish
  9. Point of Interest: The Projectionist
  10. The Ghost of Henry DeLand
  11. The Ghost of Hettie Austin
  12. The Ghosts of the Parceland, Part 1
  13. The Ghosts of the Parceland, Part 2
  14. Point of Interest: The Opera House
  15. Point of Interest: Sweet Things
  16. The Ghost of Crawford Wilcox, Part 1
  17. The Ghost of Crawford Wilcox, Part 2
  18. The Ghost of Crawford Wilcox, Part 3
  19. The Ghost of Charles Miller
  20. The Ghost of George Augusta Dreka
  21. Point of Interest: First National Bank Building
  22. The Haunted Masonic Temple
  23. The Barnhill Ghosts, Part 1
  24. The Barnhill Ghosts, Part 2
  25. Point of Interest: Persimmon Hollow
  26. The Ghost of Chess Park, Part 1
  27. The Ghost of Chess Park, Part 2
  28. The Ghosts of Buzzards Roost
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