Cob master

Highlights of the Elmhurst University Art Collection

At the heart of the Elmhurst University Art Collection is an extraordinary collection of works by Chicago Imagist and Abstractionist artists.

The collection is housed in the A.C. Buehler Library on the Elmhurst University campus, where it inspires and enriches the University community, the Chicago arts community, and the general public. The exhibit is open free of charge during regular library hours. For exhibit hours, please contact the Library at (630) 617-3160.

Audio Tour narration by Andrew Schones and Professor Janis Pohl

190 Prospect Ave., Elmhurst, Ilinois, United States
Highlights of the Elmhurst University Art Collection
  1. History of the Elmhurst University Art Collection
  2. In Memory of Suellen Rocca 1943-2020 Curator of the Art Collection and Director of Exhibitions, Elmhurst University
  3. Roger Brown ( American, 1941-1997) See Seven Cities, 1971
  4. William Conger (American, b. 1938) South Beach 1985
  5. Richard Hunt (American, b. 1935) Over Wisdom Bridge, 1986
  6. Miyoko Ito (American, 1918-1983) Chinoiserie, 1970
  7. Sandra Jorgensen (American 1934-1999) Herb's Texaco II,1983
  8. Paul LaMantia (American b. 1928) Shoe Shine, 1971
  9. Gladys Nilsson (American, b. 1940) In Vertical Shade, 1984
  10. Jim Nutt (American, born 1938) Toot-Toot Woo-Woo,1970
  11. Ed Paschke (American, 1939-2004) Cobmaster, 1975
  12. Frank Piatek (American, born 1944) Notre Dame Sheela Rite of Passage/Entry Eye of the Needle, 1969
  13. Christina Ramberg (1946-1995) Double Hesitation,1977
  14. Suellen Rocca (American, 1943-2020) Passed,1988
  15. Eleanor Spiess-Ferris (American, b. 1941) The Red Shoe, 1983
  16. Karl Wirsum (American, b.1939) "Click", 1971
  17. Ray Yoshida (1930-2009 ) Arbitrary Approach, 1983