Welcome to our audiotour on Damrak! One of the busiest street in the centre of Amsterdam.

Look up, admire the architecture of the buildings, listen to our story and form an opinion about the past and present of this characteristic part of Amsterdam – from harbour front to city entrance. Let’s go!

Image 1: Damrak (architour)
Image 2: Map by Cornelis Anthonisz. From 1544
Image 3: Print of Damrak, 1823-1829, Gebroeders Diederichs (Stadsarchief Amsterdam)
Image 4: Traffic on Damrak in the 1970s (P&C)

Discover the Damrak!
  1. Introduction
  2. Amsterdamsch Wisselkantoor
  3. De Beurs van Berlage
  4. De Effectenbeurs
  5. Bike parking Beursplein
  6. C&A and Beurspassage
  7. Cineac
  8. De Utrecht
  9. Breebaart
  10. Hotel Victoria