Welcome to our audio tour along the most important, but at the same time least known street in the center of Amsterdam.

Look up, admire the architecture of the buildings, listen to our explanations and form an opinion about the past and present of this characteristic part of Amsterdam – from Miracle to Metro. Let’s go!

Image 1: Rokin seen from the Industrieele Groote Club, 2021 (architour)
Image 2: Map of Amsterdam in 1954 (Cornelis Anthonisz.)
Image 3: Rokin in 1765 (Stadsarchief Amsterdam)
Image 4: East side of the Rokin in 1900 (edition Dr. Trenkler, Leizig)
Image 5: Rokin Fountain designed by Mark Manders in 2017 (architour)

Discover the Rokin!
  1. Introduction
  2. Industria
  3. Rokin Plaza
  4. Hudsons' Bay
  5. NRC Building
  6. Bicycloud
  7. Miracle Column
  8. Oudhof
  9. Metro Station Rokin
  10. Arti et Amicitiae
  11. Allard Pierson
  12. Maison De Bonneterie
  13. Vroom & Dreesmann
  14. Munttoren
  15. Hotel De L'Europe