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Walk With Me 4 - Naul's Mill Park & Coventry Canal

This walking tour from Talking Birds takes you from the entrance to Naul's Mill Park on Middleborough Road, Coventry, round the park, then up to the Canal Basin. From there up the Towpath to just before Electric Wharf, over the (ramp accessible) modern footbridge, ending at Daimler Powerhouse and The Nest on Sandy Lane Business Park. The tour is ramp accessible, with one steepish slope by Naul's Mill House. There are plenty of places to pause en route.

Your Guide is Meera, Cov kid, nature enthusiast and Environmental Scientist. [You'll find her picture at Stop 0]

You'll need headphones and a mobile device to enjoy this tour to the full! Please be careful crossing roads while wearing headphones. At a steady pace, it should take you about an hour.

You can download the tour at home first if you'd prefer not to use mobile data during the tour. Alternatively, you can enjoy the tour at home.

We'd love to get your feedback once you've taken the tour - and for a chance of winning a artist-designed prize bundle - fill in our Audience Survey: https://forms.gle/8qukVtmvjUFimm6bA

Brought to you by Talking Birds, Coventry and supported by Arts Council, England, Coventry City Council & Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 as part of the Great Places project and Green Futures programme.

Naul's Mill Park, Middleborough Road, Coventry, , UK
Walk With Me 4 - Naul's Mill Park & Coventry Canal
  1. 0 Introduction
  2. 1 Entrance to Naul's Mill Park
  3. 2 Under the Copper Beech
  4. 3 Middleborough Road Again
  5. 4 Naul's Mill House
  6. 5 Radford Road Footbridge
  7. 6 The Admiral Codrington
  8. 7 The Toll House
  9. 8 Canal Warehouse
  10. 9 The Tin
  11. 10 Coventry Canal Towpath
  12. 11 Spirit of Motoring
  13. 12 Daimler & Electric Wharf