Swept away

Lola Montejo: After Another After

Inspired by the material means of destruction and transformation, these three series of works relate to memory, time, and the clashes that are found in the contrasting interlace of matter in the world. 

The bodies of artwork in the exhibition play off the word “after,” with mixed media works entitled Aftermath, oil paintings called Afterthought, and monotypes named Hereafter. Each series evolved sequentially, one leading to the next and after another. 

It all began by accident, a couple of years ago, in the destruction of one of my works. Unsatisfied with the composition of a collage I started pulling it apart, peeling off sections and reassembling it. I became inspired by the process of understanding something by taking it apart, looking at all the pieces, arranging them and assembling them together to find that the thing is transformed by the process. 

My work is often based on mood or sensation, or memory, or time. These are real things that you cannot paint figuratively. Instead, the work reveals fragments of consciousness that evolve with change, destruction, redefinition, and restoration. Limitless possibilities are revealed within the self-prescribed confines. My actions are manifested and at the same time are measured, allowing the paint to be expressionistic in some areas and controlled in others.

With a variety of methods and techniques, I build and deconstruct the surface using strategies of fragmentation, layering, interweaving, elimination, and organization. Delving into the interaction of layered form, fluctuating marks emerges in a dialogue with one another. These marks then get interrupted and reworked; and the cutting and fragmentation of my gestures carry and conceal ideas. Movements and shifting incidents on the canvas refer to both literal and suggested motion or change. The forms and marks are recycled or changed and become distorted over time.

The range of emotions and thoughts are part of the act and the vessels in which energy is transformed into an expressive experience. My intention is to maintain a relationship of the body, balancing the tension generated by movement and action. In the process I explore the relationship between canvas and self, balancing tension. I construct an inward and outward space caused by objects shifting and body movements. I am fascinated by how paint can create a visual dialogue where action, experience, and perception are interwoven.

6901 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO, USA
Lola Montejo: After Another After
  1. Aftermath (mixed media works)
  2. Afterthought (oil paintings)
  3. Hereafter (oil monotypes)
  4. Hereafter Project Notes: Sue Oehme