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Dinosaur Ridge Audio Tour

Travel back 100 million to 150 million years in time to learn about the lives and deaths of dinosaurs through their ancient environments, tracks and fossils!

This audio tour is narrated by Dinosaur Ridge educators, and provides detailed interpretation of the following stops as you walk or bike along the 1.1 mile Dinosaur Ridge paved trail. 

Note: Please pick up a more accurate site map from our Main Visitor Center before your walk.  Look for trail sign titles that match audio tour stop titles for orientation.   

After purchasing your tour, click the Download button at the bottom of the page to fully download it to your device while connected to wifi (wifi service along the trail can be spotty). Any issues with the audio tour? Please reach out! Let us know at the Main Visitor Center or Discovery Center or email us at

We recommend that each member in your party download the tour to their own device for a more individual self-paced tour experience. The tour is ordered from East to West, starting at the East Gate Kiosk near the Dinosaur Ridge Main Visitor Center (see map below).  However, it can also be walked in the reverse order from West to East starting at the West gate near the Dinosaur Ridge Discovery Center off of Rt 93 near Red Rocks. Parking is available along Alameda Parkway and at limited parking spaces at each gate.

 Be prepared to walk 2.5 miles round-trip on a sun-exposed paved road with an uphill climb for half of your journey. Water, snacks and bathroom facilities are located at our Main Visitor Center. Dogs are not recommended on this hot paved surface in the summer months.

East Side Stops:

  1. Cretaceous (East) Gate - Start

  2. Colorado Below the Sea

  3. Crocodile Creek

  4. Ripple Marks

  5. & 6. Dinosaur Tracksite 

Top of Curve:

  7. Denver Basin Overlook

  8. Concretion of Sand and Iron

  9. The Volcanic Ashbed

West Side Stops:

  10. Front Range Overlook

  11. Bulges 

  12 & 13. Morrison Bone Bed 

 14. Jurassic (West) Gate  - Alternate Start

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Map $ 7.00
16831 West Alameda Parkway, Morrison, CO, USA
Dinosaur Ridge Audio Tour
  1. East: Cretaceous Gate - Start
  2. East Side: Colorado Below the Sea
  3. East Side: Crocodile Creek
  4. East Side: Ripple Marks
  5. East Side: Dinosaur Tracksite Part 1
  6. East Side: Dinosaur Tracksite Part 2
  7. Top of the Curve: Denver Basin East Overlook
  8. Top of the Curve: The Concretion of Sand and Iron
  9. Top of the Curve: The Volcanic Ash Bed
  10. West Side: Front Range Overlook
  11. West Side: The Bulges
  12. West Side: The Morrison Formation Bone Bed Part 1
  13. Morrison Formation Bone Bed Part 2
  14. West: Jurassic Gate - Alternate Start
  15. News at Dinosaur Ridge