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Around Weerwater Lake

Welcome to our audio tour around Weerwater lake! The lake in the heart of Almere offers lots of facilities for recreation. But did you know that it's also lined by interesting architecture? On this audio tour, we'll take you around the lake. You'll hear about its history and about the neighbourhoods, buildings, artworks and landscapes along the shores. Let's go!

The tour takes about 2 -3 hours and is offered to you by the Kunstlinie.

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All rights reserved.
Writers: Anneke Bokern en Paul Vlok (architour), Annelies Bloemendaal, Jelte van Koperen and Isabel van Lent
Speaker: Kes Blans

Click here for audiotour Almere Centre and audiotour Floriade Expo 2022.

Click here for this audiotour in Dutch.

Esplanade 10, Almere, , The Netherlands
Around Weerwater Lake
  1. Introduction
  2. The Track
  3. Jetty
  4. Boulevardflats
  5. Maastrichtplein
  6. Hardglas
  7. Psyche and Project X
  8. Limburgsebrug
  9. Weerwaterbrug
  10. Tourmaline
  11. Lumierepark
  12. Filmwijk part 1
  13. Filmwijk part 2
  14. Flevo Hospital
  15. Esplanade