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Directions to Attempt to Make an HBCU in New Haven

As we continue this tour, we are moving closer to Yale’s campus. As many New Haveners know, Yale occupies a significant part of New Haven. And while there are several other colleges in the area such as Gateway Community College, Southern Connecticut State University, and Albertus Magnus College, there is one more school that could’ve made New Haven its home -- a Historically Black College/University. Listen to the next entry as you make your way toward Yale’s center of campus. 

If you ventured into the cemetery, walk down High Street toward Wall Street as you listen to this next entry. If you skipped going inside, and you are on Ashmun Street, continue straight onto York Street, walking toward Wall Street.

A Peoples' History of Dixwell
  1. Dixwell Tour Intro
  2. Hillhouse High School
  3. Directions to Monterey Jazz Club
  4. Monterey Jazz Club
  5. Directions to Hannah Gray Home
  6. Hannah Gray Home
  7. Directions to John Daniels Place
  8. John Daniels Place
  9. Directions to Goffe Street School
  10. Goffe Street School
  11. Directions to Negro YMCA
  12. Negro YMCA
  13. Directions to Masonic Temple
  14. Masonic Temple
  15. Directions to Q House
  16. Q House
  17. Directions to Bristol Street
  18. Bristol Street
  19. Directions to Grove Street Cemetery
  20. Grove Street Cemetery
  21. Directions to Attempt to Make an HBCU in New Haven
  22. Attempt to Create HBCU in New Haven
  23. Directions to Yale Law School
  24. Jane Matilda Bolin and Pauli Murray
  25. Directions to Grace Hopper College
  26. College Renamed
  27. Directions Back to Hillhouse High School
  28. End of Dixwell Tour