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Stepping Out to Step In

The inaugural Platform Gallery exhibition, Stepping Out to Step In by Theresa Chromati, joins The Delaware Contemporary's celebration of the suffrage centennial by showcasing the work of an emerging female creative leader on the faces of our building. Three exterior locations, spanning nearly the entire height of the building's façade, have been selected by Chromati and Curator-in-Residence Kristen Hileman, as sites for the commissioned banners to be displayed. These colossal-scale works will greet those who work and live in Wilmington, and respond to and enliven the city streetscape and views from the close-by railroad and interstate. Chromati's work for the Platform Gallery project will launch an ongoing series of commissioned banners, rotating twice a year and featuring today's most relevant and bold artists.

200 S. Madison Street, Wilmington, DE, United States
Stepping Out to Step In
  1. Kristen Hileman, Curator in Residence
  2. PANGELICA/THERESA CHROMATI, ARTIST, Forming, Ripping, haha, forming, 2020
  3. Leslie Shaffer, Executive Director