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Eastern Islands

Welcome to our audio tour on the Eastern Islands and the Marineterrein! Whether you're a resident or a visitor, with this audio tour we want to open your eyes to the beauty of this hidden area.

We take you from the marineterrein across Kattenburg and Wittenburg through the narrow living Quarters on the former islands to Oostenburg. Current challenges and developments in this neighbourhood will also be discussed.

Discover the Eastern Islands with architour!

The tour takes about 2 hours and is offered to you by Stadsdeel Centrum.

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Writers: Anneke Bokern and Paul Vlok (architour); Leon Sebregts, Michelle Gulickx, Jelte van Koperen, Victorien Koningsberger and Henk Verhoef

Speaker: Kes Blans

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Kattenburgerstraat 28, Amsterdam, , Netherlands
Eastern Islands
  1. Introduction
  2. Marineterrein
  3. Pension Homeland
  4. Kanteen25
  5. Kattenburg
  6. Wittenburg
  7. Oosterkerk
  8. Green as Emancipator
  9. Het Vierwindenhuis
  10. Living on Oostenburg
  11. Wiener&Co
  12. Swaare Pakhuis
  13. Oostenburg-North
  14. INIT building and the Werkspoorhal