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Symphony for the Bull by Peter Walker

‘Symphony of the bull’ was originally made for a presentation for BMW in Munich / Germany. The work is designed to replicate the form and structure of a bull, bringing forth the elegance and rhythms of the anatomy of the creature while creating almost architectural lines. When displayed in the landscape, the materiality of the piece, the lines and elegance of the form and the approachability of the work sit beautifully within nature. The piece reflects the industrialisation of nature and animals, hence the choice of steel and the asymmetric approach. Overall, the combination of graceful lines and natural structures results in a symphony of form. 

Peter Walker is widely acclaimed for his sculptures, installations, and public artworks around the UK and abroad. Peter is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member
of the Royal Society of Sculptors. His creation of monumental bronze statues adorns towns and cities. His work is both figurative and abstract investigating humanity and nature from an existential perspective. 

Planting Scheme

Grazing wildflower meadows are of major importance to fauna and natural habitats. The abundance of colour, the vibrance and the textures are inviting to all. Adding the ever-changing colours of the corten against the life cycle of the meadow planting compliment each other beautifully.

Royal Society of Sculptors 2022 at Broomhill Estate
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