Viktoria by teresa wells

Viktoriya by Teressa Wells

Viktoriya by Teressa Wells

Material: Bronze on Granite

Wells obtained a first class honors degree in Fine Art from Nottingham Trent University in 1996; where she was taught by John Atkin FRBS and Dan Archer FRBS. She is represented by various gallery platforms in the UK, The Netherlands, Singapore and USA. Through the medium of sculpture, Wells explores the relationship between our inner fragile self and outer confident self, exposing the flaws that are inherent in all of us and how we survive despite them. Wells draws attention to isolation, shallowness, insecurity, imperfection, frailty, ambition, self-assuredness, and strength; when these emotional states are combined, they become attractive. Ultimately, it is the whole of a person - including perceived faults - that is beautiful. 


The plants and the planting scheme have been chosen to mimic how Terresa Wells displays the fine art of balance between inner and outer self and all the emotions that surround it. Utilising balance, imperfection and strength, this planting scheme changes throughout the year to show how we change as humans. Our emotions, our self-belief and our colours change constantly. The plants displayed at the front show our inner self, soft yet insecure, comfortable yet unsure, calm yet not at rest. Whereas the back of the border displays our exterior self that is portrayed to others, somewhat flamboyant, ambitious, and constantly evolving.

Royal Society of Sculptors 2022 at Broomhill Estate
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