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Royal Society of Sculptors 2022 at Broomhill Estate

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Broomhill Estate, Muddiford, North Devon, UK
Royal Society of Sculptors 2022 at Broomhill Estate
  1. Meditation point by Michael Blow
  2. Viktoriya by Teressa Wells
  3. The Bow by Sam Shendi
  4. Synthesis II by Lisa Pettibone
  5. The Second Seeker by Michael Blow - Signage reading
  6. Echo by Diane Maclean
  7. Treeangle Tree by Almuth Tebbenhoff
  8. Dolcezza Mia by Almuth Tebbenhoff
  9. Tree by Almuth Tebbenhoff
  10. Aquarius by Sam Shendi
  11. Divided Prism by Andrew Stonyer
  12. Wind Bag, Sky Bag by Paul Tuppeny
  13. Outside in & Inside Out by Robert Marshall
  14. Black Hole bell by Yambe Tam
  15. Fractured II by Mark Beattie
  16. Smoosh by Almuth Tebbenhof
  17. Aged Stump by Paul Tuppeny
  18. Interred by Joseph Hillier
  19. Stelae for Foreign Bodies by James Roseveare
  20. Interconnection by William Braithewaite.
  21. Symphony for the Bull by Peter Walker
  22. Concretions by William Braithwaite
  23. Up the duff by Rosie Leventon
  24. Messenger by Joseph Hillier
  25. Making a Beeline by Mary Anstee-Parry
  26. Rotating Column - by Andrew Stonyer