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I love this painting of Marina.  I particularly like her bright hair against a charcoal background, but once again, as the creator, I see the shortcomings of this painting.  I made her hair too wild and would like to give the top of her hair an artistic haircut (as it’s about one half inch too long).  I’m sure I told this to Marina as I told to most everyone who sat for me near the end of painting each of them.  If they came back into my studio tomorrow and we sat down with the same paints, the same clothes and the same hairstyles, I would make an entirely different painting of them.  It’s taken me a long time to reconcile myself to this fact and I am super okay with it.  It amplifies for me the richness of portraiture, about how we have so many faces, about how we look at ourselves and about how other people see us differently at different times.

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